What are mutual funds?

Mutual funds are a great way to maximize your earning potential. Here are the important fundamentals that you need to know.

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Sun Life Prosperity Funds

The Sun Life Prosperity Funds are built with the Filipino investor in mind. Find out which funds work best for you and your goals.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: As part of SLAMCI’s commitment to provide better products and services to our clients, and in our aim to promote financial awareness and contribute to financial inclusion, we are pleased to announce that we are reducing the minimum initial investment amount effective 10 September 2018 of the following Sun Life Prosperity Funds: Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund Inc., Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund., Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund., Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund Inc., and Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund Inc.

Partnering with Sun Life for a Brighter Future

As Filipinos, we are hardworking and resourceful with our money. This makes investing a viable opportunity to build and grow wealth for our financial goals. In Sun Life, we have created easy and accessible investments with the right mix of funds for every risk profile. Whether you are budget conscious or seeking to maximize your earning potential, we have investment options to help grow your financial nest.

Sun Life Prosperity Funds for all types of investors: